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Just as the disciples encountered Jesus on the Road to Emmaus, Jesus walks with us and reveals Himself to us on our journey through life. Project Emmaus helps you encounter Jesus by illuminating His beauty; enkindling Christ’s
love deeper in your heart.     


Project Emmaus illuminates Christ's Beauty through:

Sacred Beauty Prayer Cards
A Light to my Path



Stories that Illuminate Christ's beauty in the everyday encounters with Jesus

Sacred Beauty Prayer Cards help to draw you closer to God in prayer by bringing together the beauty of photography, Scripture and storytelling to sow God’s love deeper into your heart; drawing you closer to God.

The prayer cards benefit individuals and small groups in prayer. A NEW prayer guide and audio tracks are available to help guide small groups using the
Sacred Beauty Prayer Cards.


"Sacred Beauty Prayer Cards have inspired me to carve more consistent time out of my day to spend with the Lord. They provide a clear framework to help you reflect on God's Word and His creation - to see it with fresh eyes, and to open your ears to new insights that God wants to whisper into your heart." -Linnea

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