Just as the disciples encountered Jesus on the road to Emmaus, Jesus walks with us and reveals Himself to us on our journey through life.   What better way to see God's glory than to read stories from people who have experienced God's presence in their lives.  God is working in our lives everyday and His mercy and grace are abundant.  


The hope of Project Emmaus is that the stories of God's love will inspire, provide hope and encourage you in your faith journey.  By opening our hearts and spending time with Him, we begin to know and recognize Jesus' presence in our everyday lives.   Be sure to check out the What's Next tab for some practical ideas to help you grow in our faith journey.  


A pretty incredible God moment inspired me to start Project Emmaus.  (You can check it out here.)  What an honor to meet so many wonderful people and hear how they have been touched by God's love!  I am a daughter of Christ, the wife of an amazing man and the mom to four.  My professional background includes helping non-profit organizations tell their story.   I can usually be found driving the family taxi, cheering on my kiddos, riding Iowa's bike trails or trying to capture God's beauty from behind the lens of my camera.  

Darcie Tallman