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About Project Emmaus

A pretty amazing prayer experience and God’s guidance brought about the creation of Project Emmaus. That full story can be read HERE!

Beauty is a reflection of God’s love. Beauty reminds us of God’s love, His presence, and of what awaits us in Heaven. When we are moved by God’s beauty, our hearts grow in love and desire for God.

Project Emmaus helps you encounter Jesus by illuminating Christ's beauty through:

Sacred Beauty Prayer Cards

Project Emmaus Blog


About Me

I am a child of God, a daughter of loving parents, a wife to an amazing husband and a mom to four precious souls. My professional background includes helping non-profit organizations tell their story. I can usually be found driving the family taxi, cheering on my children, riding Iowa's bike trails and trying to capture God's beauty from behind the lens of my camera.  

Darcie Tallman

"Praying with these stunning images in combination with reading these powerful stories of ordinary people's lives, really makes these scriptures come to life!" -Rich

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