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Prayer Tips

By opening our hearts and spending time with Jesus, we begin to know and recognize His presence in our everyday lives.   Below are some practical ideas to help you grow in your faith.  

Develop a daily habit of prayer

Find the time when you are most alert to pray. For some, it’s first thing in the morning.  For others, it might be lunch time or before bed. Schedule your prayer time on your calendar. Set an alarm and spend 15 minutes of uninterrupted time with Jesus.   

Review your day

Spend time in prayer reviewing your day.  What went well? Where did you see God’s blessings? Who did you interact with?  How did you feel during the day?  What could you have done better?  Where do you need to ask God for forgiveness?  Finish by looking to the next day and seeking God’s guidance.  Spending time examining your day is a great way to see God's daily presence. 

Read and reflect on God’s Word

Find a short verse or a passage from a Gospel.  Read it slowly a few times.  What sticks out to you as you read? Is there a word or phrase that catches your attention?  A question? You can also place yourself in the scene.  Use your imagination – what are you feeling, experiencing?  Spend time reflecting on this. If you receive some clarity or how it applies to your life, write it down. 

A conversation with Jesus

Talk to God as you would your friend.  Share your heart with all your joys and worries.  Get in the habit of talking to Jesus as you go throughout your day.  Bring Him into your work, conversations with others and even in the mundane tasks.  It’s a great way to
seek His guidance, give Him glory and offer sacrifices throughout your day.   

Create a prayer journal
Use a prayer journal to record daily blessings and things that catch your attention.  It could be something that struck you while in prayer, reading the Bible, at church, conversations with others, being in nature or anytime you feel God's presence.   When you’re going through a challenging time, it’s a source of light to be able to re-read those times and feel God’s love.

Get Involved

Get involved with your church community.  Attend a retreat, join a small group or Bible study group.  Meeting others who also desire a relationship with Jesus can challenge and encourage you in our faith journey.  

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