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Jesus Loves the Little Children

God loves the child-like and their pure trust and humility.

Kari was working on a project with her four-year old son, Sam. They were making a stepping stone and Kari was using a drill to grind the glass. However, she couldn’t keep the bit to stay in place. She tried several times to tighten the screw on the bit but she wasn’t having any luck.

“I was getting frustrated and yelled out, ‘I give up!’ Sam just looked at me with his big, innocent eyes and said, ‘Mom, don’t ever give up. God doesn’t want us to give up.’”

Kari nodded her head in agreement and said he was right. Low and behold, she tried again and was successful in tightening the screw.

Sam is now 16 but that story is still fresh in Kari’s mind.

“When I look back at that memory, I smile,” said Kari. “Funny how God uses a cute four-year old to teach his mom a lesson.”

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1 Comment

Jan Brown
Jan Brown
Mar 12, 2020

This is so true! Thanks for sharing.

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