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The Gift of a Stranger

As a mother of three young children, Nannet spent weeks preparing to travel to China with her husband during his four-month sabbatical. Their children were ages 13, 8 and 7. She worked hard to get the house winterized since it would sit empty during Iowa’s cold winter months. Nannet homeschools her children so she had to prepare her lessons ahead of time and be sure to bring all of the materials she would need. She had lists and lists of all the things she needed to pack and do to prepare for their trip.

The day finally arrived and they boarded the airplane. Nannet had a hard time relaxing. She was sitting with her two daughters and her husband and son were sitting across the aisle. As she was mentally going through her lists, she realized that she had forgotten to bring lip protection for the kids. During the winter time, her daughter is susceptible to wind burn and her lips get very swollen.

In the course of the 13-hour trip, a hand from behind them squeezed through the opening between the seats holding five lip balms. The woman told Nannet that she was an Avon representative and she had some extra lip balms. They weren’t being sold anymore because they had Christmas designs and it was past the Christmas season. She wanted to give them to Nannet and her family.

“I knew right there that God was with us. I was anxious about going to China for so long with the young children. God provides and it was amazing to witness how a stranger gifted us with just what we needed. It was the reminder that I needed to help relax and trust in Him,” said Nannet.

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