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When God Knocks

It was 2:00 am and Gary woke from a horrible dream where he experienced God’s anger. He felt that deep sense of dread in the pit of his stomach. He wondered how he could be such a fool for not accepting His gift. The reality hit him right between the eyes.

Earlier in the week, Gary was at church and the priest was giving a homily on the parable about the man who was in need and knocking on the door of a friend late at night.  The man was turned away.  He was told he was a bother, the door was locked and the children were in bed.  We can relate when someone comes to our door at an inconvenient time.  We don't want to be bothered and would rather not answer the door.  The priest explained how the tables are turned and our Master knocks at our door and has something of great value for us. Will we turn Him away? Gary had always found that parable difficult to understand until the homily and then it was brought to life for him. Three days later after hearing the homily, Gary was approached by the parish faith formation director and was asked if he would like to be an RE catechist.

“I really didn’t know what RE stood for or what a catechist was, but I quickly declined mumbling something about being too busy,” said Gary.  “I thought, phew, I dodged a bullet!”

It was that night when Gary experienced his nightmare. “I knew I had messed up. I had rejected God and His calling for me. He was disappointed and I felt horrible,” said Gary.

The next morning, he immediately went to church and explained what had happened. He learned they still had openings available and he began teaching his first class of 5th graders.

“Ten years later and I’m still teaching faith formation! I discovered what God knew. He knew I had a gift to share and I would enjoy teaching. The kids have inspired and taught me much over the years, and it has brought me great joy.”

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